Secure Communication Between Devices

Each year, billions of new internet-enabled devices are coming online: smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. In order to unlock the power of these devices, consumers and businesses need a secure, frictionless way for these devices to communicate and transact.

Existing methods of communication between devices are plagued by a wide range of issues that have limited adoption. NFC requires additional hardware, and a lack of standardization across devices prevents universal communication. Bluetooth requires a time-consuming linking process. QR codes are clunky for users and present a number of security issues that make them common targets for hackers.

At Certus, we developed a revolutionary new technology platform that enables secure transactions between devices using high-frequency sound-waves. This communication protocol works across all major device platforms with no extra hardware needed and no linking process – just place the devices in proximity and secure communication can occur.


Enables Authentication, Access, Payments and More

By enabling nearby devices to communicate securely, the Certus technology platform can be used for a wide range of use cases:

Secure Login — The continuous stream of almost daily news around hacking and security lapses clearly establishes that User ID and password are simply no longer enough to prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive information. By enabling an encrypted link between a user’s smartphone and their computer, Certus can securely communicate identity information, allowing for a frictionless form of login, either as complete password replacement or as a frictionless 2nd factor. Just hold the smartphone up to the computer, click, and secure login occurs.

Payments – ApplePay has shown the world how easy mobile payments can become, but requires Apple’s newest phone, with their hardware, and applicability at one of the few merchants who opted in. With Certus, payments from smartphone-to-smartphone, smartphone-to-tablet, and smartphone-to-POS are as simple as holding the devices near one another. Certus offers a truly cross-platform solution, a frictionless user experience, and unparalleled security.

Information Exchange – In addition to payments, Certus enables the exchange of secure information between devices. Social media connections, contact information, pictures, identity and healthcare information can all be sent from one smartphone to another device as simply as holding the devices together and beaming information through the air.

Other – The Certus technology platform enables use cases we haven’t even thought of yet! By providing a secure way to link and communicate information between devices, we allow you to power up your application with any new functionality built on top of this technology that you can imagine. Developers should contact Certus to discuss potential options.


Easy Deployment Via APIs and SDKs

The Certus solution makes it easy on enterprises and developers to get up and running quickly. Certus brings a highly secure solution with less overhead and complexity. No additional hardware is needed and only a few lines of code are required for implementation. Our readily available APIs and SDKs make it simple to build Certus into your existing websites and mobile apps. All this makes for a practical, lightweight approach that can be implemented in days or weeks. And we integrate with leading standards such as OpenID and OAuth in order to get you up and running on Certus quickly and efficiently.


Frictionless Commerce

Certus’ smartphone-based authentication and payments platform directly boosts the online customer experience by doing away with the most common obstacle to completing web transactions – the cumbersome registration process. Epitomizing frictionless commerce, consumers can conduct web-based transactions anywhere there is mobile access using a simple smartphone app. With Certus, consumers simply place their smartphone near their computer and initiate the registration process, allowing them to share name, email, shipping address and even payment info. One-click checkout for all!

More satisfied customers result in higher retention rates and are the best advertisement for recruiting new customers. And, of course, fewer abandoned shopping carts lead to greater share of wallet and increased sales revenue – no small achievement considering that studies estimate that abandoned shopping carts cost online retailers $18 billion a year.


How It Works

  1. A randomly generated one-time token is pushed from the Certus server to a device, which emits the one time ultrasonic message.
  2. The nearby recipient device picks up the ultrasonic communication and uses Certus’ patented algorithm to extract the one-time token.
  3. The one-time token is sent back to the Certus authentication server, along with identifying information about the receiving device, further validating the security of the communication.
  4. The Certus server confirms both sides of the transaction are authentic, protecting your company as well as your customers. The server then sends confirmation that the transaction can proceed.
  5. With the devices authenticated and linked, a secure communication channel is opened allowing the exchange of identity, payment or any other information or content.