Certus and Atricore Partnership Provides One-Click Secure Access from Any Mobile Device


June 19, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – Certus’ revolutionary new technology enables secure transactions between devices using high-frequency sound-waves. This communication protocol works across all major device platforms with no extra hardware needed and no linking process – just place the devices in proximity and secure communication can occur.

Typically, an identity and access management solution must establish a user’s identity at least once in order to deliver single sign-on. This usually requires both a username and password, while for more secure settings additional authentication factors may be necessary.

The combination of Certus and Atricore technologies enables one-click access to any onboarded service – either on-premise or in the Cloud – while still providing the same security guarantees as those offered by industry-proven strong authentication solutions. For instance, SAML- enabled SaaS providers like Google Apps and Salesforce can be non-disruptively augmented with password-less access through one-click ultrasonic authentication.

Additionally, as the mobile device is linked to the user’s single sign-on session, applications can communicate directly with the mobile subscriber with no hassle and no coupling, as JOSSO EE and Certus handle the work for the system integrator behind the scenes.

Finally, with Atricore’s unique Model-Driven Identity (MDID) approach, enabling Certus-powered ultrasonic authentication onto a JOSSO EE setting can be done in a matter of minutes and will be entirely transparent to existing applications and services.

“By building on Atricore’s platform to provide our unique proximity-based authentication capabilities, we’re able to cope with increasingly complex needs in terms of identity and access management. Last but not least, by harnessing their automation infrastructure we’re able to streamline as well as simplify the implementation for our customers.“ says Jack Wolosewicz, Founder and CTO of Certus Technology Systems, Inc.

Gianluca Brigandi, CEO of Atricore, Inc. adds, “Partnering with Certus is key for Atricore to improve its positioning, particularly in the Financial and E-Commerce segments where frictionless yet highly secure one-to-one user experiences are a must-have. It also contributes to solidifying and differentiating our offerings on the mobile security front.”

Certus Technology Systems, Inc. is a San Francisco-based company offering secure, password-free login leveraging the power of the smartphone. They offer enterprises a simpler, more secure alternative to User ID and Password so that users are not forced to remember yet another password, and so these enterprises can make hacking and phishing attacks a thing of the past. For more information please visit the Certus web site at www.certus-inc.com.

Atricore, Inc. is a company based in Silicon Valley, providing budget-wise and time-effective identity and access management solutions. For more information please visit the Atricore web site at www.atricore.com.

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