Our Story

Certus Technology Systems was founded in 2013 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and technology experts to provide companies and internet users with a more secure, easier way for their smartphone to communicate with the world around them.

As billions of new smartphones, tablets, and other internet-enabled devices come online each year, the world needs a universal, secure communication mechanism between devices — a way for any smartphone to communicate securely with a friend’s Android phone, a merchant’s tablet, an employee’s laptop or any other internet enabled hardware. Businesses today provide consumers and employees with legacy device communication systems which lack appropriate security (passwords), anchor to hardware (NFC, Bluetooth), are inherently limited in their application (QR codes), and not truly cross-platform (iOS-Android-RIM).

Certus developed and patented a revolutionary technology which utilizes high-frequency sound waves to create a universal communication protocol which requires neither additional hardware nor linking processes. The Certus platform drastically enhances the user experience and security of transactions related to authentication, access, payments and more.

Certus provides a proximity-based highly secure method for internet enabled devices to identify and communicate with each other via dynamic single use tokens. By leveraging sonic capabilities customers and partners can leverage any device with built-in speakers and a microphone to communicate with nearby devices. The promise of technologies like near field communication (NFC) can be realized without the need for OEMs to agree on standards. Certus technology solves for multiple issues across markets: authentication can finally move away from the broken user ID/password paradigm. Second factor authentication, ID badges and key fobs become a relic of the past. Certus also endows the payments world, healthcare, physical access enablers and app developers with a platform which has unparalleled security in combination with ease of use.

This technology platform that can change the way smartphones interact with the world around them, empowering users with control. Smartphones are smart, but Certus works to unlock their full potential. Please contact us if you would like to learn more, see our technology in action and understand what Certus can do for you.