Management Team


Don Chapman

VP of Business Development

A successful business development executive with a wealth of experience in product management, strategy execution and establishing partnerships. Donald launched technology platforms at firms ranging in size from Fortune 100 Global corporations to early stage up-starts. He earned his MBA at Babson College and continues to embody the entrepreneurial spirit revered at the F.W. Olin School of Business.

Andrew Grochal headshot

Andrew Grochal

VP of Operations and Finance

A business-minded tech enthusiast, with a history of working for fast growing technology companies.  Andrew recently received an MBA from Harvard Business School, and has worked in strategy and operations for several successful VC-backed web-startups including Warby Parker and DraftDay.

Paul McGowan headshot

Paul McGowan

VP of Sales

A seasoned technology sales leader that specializes in emerging and early stage company development.  An expert in identifying companies with disruptive technology, Paul has worked from the very early stages of five companies that have either been acquired or gone public.  Paul currently runs a sales outsourcing company that brings emerging companies to market.

Jack Wolosewicz headshot

Jack Wolosewicz


An expert in DRM, security & signal processing, Jack has been the founder, CEO or CTO of 4 different start-ups. He has consulted for Napster, designed secure media delivery systems for Roxio, and founded Verance Corp where he developed best of breed DSP watermarking technologies which became the SDMI standard. Jack holds 6 different patents, primarily in the digital media, audio and security space.